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SE Крепление трубы ISM50850 к мебели/лючку | INS40551

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Код ETIM: EC002602
Подходит для:Кабельный вывод в полом полу
Модель/исполнениеС кабельный выводом
Уход за поломВлажная уборка

OptiLine 50, tube adaptor. семейство продуктов: OptiLine 50 - тип изделия или компонента: трубный переходник - система монтажа кабелей: блок розеток, колонна с розетками - количество на один комплект: 1 шт.. Преимущества: - Simplified and comprehensive range with few parts, Significantly reduced installation time compared to existing systems, Environment-friendly solutions: Complete range of halogen-free installation trunking and fully RoHs compatible products, Easy to upgrade or move around, Innovative 2-compartment trunking with a removable top for fast and easy installation of cables from above, Unique trunking with an openable lid for access to and concealed installation of outlets and cords. Electrical fields are reduced by up to 85%, Total separation of power and VDI cables enables mixing of power and data outlets in the same front opening, Full range of trunking accessories with convenient tool-less click-in-technology, Dedicated wiring devices with distribution blocks and adaptors for maximum flexibility and tool-less plug-in., The system supports 1 and 3-phase, shielded and unshielded cables, traditional and installation coupler cables, Full support of installation couplers for faster installation and maximum flexibility: Cables, distribution blocks, adaptors, wiring devices and pre-wired products, Unique 3-phase distribution system with GST 15 and the smallest distribution block on the market for direct plug-in to socket outlets and easy tap-off, Innovative distribution block (IDC) for fast termination of traditional 1-phase cables and direct plug-in to the socket outlets, Pre-wired offer with innovative desk applications: Pop-up, flip-up, turnable, flush or surface mounted., Unique floor lead-through grommet used together with a 2-sided post or with a flexible tube to feed a desk unit, Extended EMC protection also in the plastic trunking via a metallic screener, Software support: PSC-Net (pre-wired configuration tool) to support customized solutions. Specification tool & 3D (MagiCad) support for consultants.. применения: - For wall, ceiling, floor and desk applications in offices, conference rooms and other commercial buildings....
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